For all lives. All life long.

From the child progressing at school to the senior citizen retaining their independence. We enable the best in every age and stage.

Our Services

Wholehearted, for the whole person.

Physical Therapy

Life is movement. Our physical therapy is designed to let nothing stop you—and to get you started again after surgery or injury.

With compassion and skill, our exceptional physical therapists work with you, step by step. Our heart is here for you, from head to toe.

Occupational Therapy

With the right care, there’s nothing you can’t do. Work with a highly trained occupational therapist who is attuned to your level of ability.

Together and at a safe pace, you recover and improve your capacity to look after yourself and participate in family and social functions.

Speech Therapy

Proper speech is how you connect to the people and the world around you. We strive to give maximum freedom and power of speech.

After injury or surgery, or to aid in your child’s development, our talented speech language pathologists are the last word in effective care.

Counseling Services

When the world emotionally overwhelms you, our clinical psychologists hold your hand, listen to your heart, and offer you peace of mind.

Whether you are in a state of bereavement or finding yourself after an episode of difficulty, we are here for your present and future.

Home Health Services

Sometimes, you just need a helping hand. Working with families and in facilities, our home health aides become your loyal shoulder.

We help you with activities of daily living, hygiene and appearance, meal preparation, and other services that make life fuller.

ABA Services

Here, we understand that each person is a unique, extraordinary story waiting to be told. With ABA services, we're here to support you every step of the way. We understand you're unique, and that's what makes your journey special.

Together, we'll work on behavior, communication, and skills. Every success, no matter how small, is a big deal to us. We're here because we believe in you and your potential.

People Spotlight

"I am pleased with the way Gina works with my father. He has really taken to her. She has gotten him moving a lot more than I expected."

Ralph R.

"I got into this to help people live a better life—not to worry about running a business. At Infinite I get all the benefits AND all of the freedoms!"

Jane S.

"I am so impressed. Lawrence is so smart and kind and patient. I have done more in the 2 visits I have had with him than I had in weeks with other PT's in the past. I actually feel results. I am looking very forward to working with him and reaching the realistic goals he set for me."

Barbara V.

"I just want to say thank you again for helping me out with my father in law. They told us he'd never walk again or have a normal life and he is back home... driving, walking, talking all of it! Thank you again!"

Jenn P.

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