13 Years

Of hands-on experience throughout the New York City care communities.

3 to 103

Ages we serve, from school children to senior citizens, and all stages in between.


Approach to improving the healthcare model: We serve clients by serving caregivers.

Our Story

From children we served to fine therapists who serve alongside us.

Infinite started back in 2009 as a provider of counseling services and speech, occupational and physical therapies to school-aged children and families throughout the five boroughs of New York.

Our deep connection to, and belonging with, the diverse communities of NYC, created a full circle journey, where the families we helped all those years ago now see their children as proud, skilled therapists under the Infinite family name. Nothing makes us prouder.

Now, 13 years later, we provide all these and more services to schools, care programs, rehab facilities, adult communities, and families. With the expansion to New Jersey in 2021, Infinite has also become a leading provider of speech, occupational, and physical therapy services to many in the New Jersey area as well.

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Our Mission




Our mission is to improve humanity by enhancing lives with a meaningful touch.  We are committed to fostering positive change, promoting well-being, and creating impactful experiences for our clients.  We strive to empower people to lead fulfilling lives that uplift individuals and communities.

Family Focus

Making it easier to put your loved ones first.

When you bring us into your family, we bring along our best intentions.

Guiding you throughout.

You are not alone in the process of getting care. We offer hands-on assistance.

Seeing the human.

We are here to support the person, not the patient. It's the only reason we got into care.

Showing up nonstop.

We are there every hour of every shift, and give our all to every single task.

Becoming your family.

We honor your trust, and match the right caregiver to your family needs.

Getting you covered.

Get help with insurance requirements, so you don't (usually) pay out of pocket.

Filling your needs.

We listen to understand your concerns, and know how to care for those you love most.

People Spotlight
We put them first. So their care is second to none.

"I got into this to help people live a better life—not to worry about running a business. At Infinite I get all the benefits AND all of the freedoms!"

Jane S.

"I am so impressed. Lawrence is so smart and kind and patient. I have done more in the 2 visits I have had with him than I had in weeks with other PT's in the past. I actually feel results. I am looking very forward to working with him and reaching the realistic goals he set for me."

Barbara V.

"I am pleased with the way Gina works with my father. He has really taken to her. She has gotten him moving a lot more than I expected."

Ralph R.

"I just want to say thank you again for helping me out with my father in law. They told us he'd never walk again or have a normal life and he is back home... driving, walking, talking all of it! Thank you again!"

Jenn P.

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We put them first. So their care is second to none.


Get care that gives you peace of mind.

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